Sunday 28 June 2009

A rainbow of rosaries

Well, the Summer Fair a week ago was a really enjoyable affair, lovely people showing their wares and lovely people coming to praise or buy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and once again a lot of interest was shown in my rainbow of rosaries. I use lovely handpainted rainbow ribbon to attach my swing tags. I've had five long days of conferences in the meantime so I am only getting to post something now.

My lovely labradorite and silver rosary went within the first hour, my one-decade amethyst and silver penal rosary in the second hour, and as I was about to sell it to one gentleman I noticed another lady preparing to pick it up, so she has commissioned a similar one.

I hope to add some of the newer rosaries to my Artfire shop tomorrow.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Summer Fair 2009 in Marlay House

I have been busy on many fronts for the past while. Recently I have been adding to my summer collection of lighter jewellery - gorgeous pearls or stones on chain and Satincord - as well as to my range of designer rosary beads, in preparation for the fair on the solstice weekend. I hope to get some of them photographed over the weekend and posted here.