Monday 5 April 2010

Meet Aura-Soma® Colour Care at Mullingar Park Hotel Sunday 11th April

With my good friend and fellow-Aura-Soma® consultant Olive Daly, I will be giving a talk about this wonderful system and offering short consultations at a holistic fair in the above venue, from noon until 6 p.m. To ensure your place for a life-changing consultation, be sure to come and book in with us early in the day!

As an added bonus, I am selling off lots of wonderful books from my holistic collection at only €5 each! Many great books that are currently out of print but no less helpful for that.
Venez nombreux!

Monday 29 March 2010

My new card

I had Stephen put together a new card for me, bringing in the necklace from my shop and blog and soldering it to my two favourite Aura-Soma® bottles. I'm very pleased with the result.

Having spent the last two years or more developing my jewellery-making and business skills, my Aura-Soma® colour work which has been with me since 1993, and which really helps people at a soul level, is clamouring for attention and time. I'm doing a one-day colour workshop, an introduction to Aura-Soma®, on Sunday 18 April and a 6-day Aura-Soma® Level I training 30 April-2 May + 14-16 May. I just love how the colour connects deeply with people!

Sunday 28 March 2010

"That'll put hair on your chest"

The designer of my lovely new business card, Stephen McNally, has submitted a rather fun tee-shirt design to

I'd appreciate if you would support him by clicking on the title and giving him a five if you like his design which I personally think both looks intriguing and has the requisite element of whimsy...

Wednesday 13 January 2010

The Dragon and the Apprentice: Top Tips for Business Success in 2010

This event was held on Monday 11th January to raise funds for the coming season's schedule of free training seminars for Irish Women in Business. The two main presenters were Bill Cullen, chief taskmaster of The Apprentice
and Sean Gallagher, "the firiest dragon of them all".
The MC for the day was Michelle Daly, a real new media wiz, and she and Tara Wilson Black, founder of IWIB, seem to have done the lion's share of the backroom work, ably aided by a team of helpers. A number of other presenters took part. And the day was brought to a rousing end of astonishing quality by Veronica Canning, she of 'Shoeisms'.
Michelle, Veronica and Tara seen here with Bill Cullen.

The event was outstanding for the positive energy that characterised its organisation and execution - the team even managed to manifest a thaw so that the snowbound could travel to be there! Outstanding too were the level and quality of sponsorship it brought together, with services being donated free by a number of companies. Michelle made sure that those who could not attend had live updates on Twitter and YouTube, and some great photos have been posted on Facebook. I was fortunate to secure a stand within the conference room to showcase my work and was delighted to get to know the gracious visitors to my stand.
Bill's advice was based on the principles in his book, Golden Apples, while Sean emphasised the need to respond to change with positive action. A common theme was the importance of passion along with a willingness to work hard but smart, and to have someone to bounce ideas off - an 'accountability partner' to use Sean's American expression. Other speakers reinforced the theme of keeping one's energy positive on many levels, and Veronica ended the day by inviting us to formulate a 'big audacious aim' - I sheepishly reduced it to BAA as my nmemonic, pardon the pun! This BAA to be where and what we would like to be three years down the road. It had worked spectacularly for her, why not for us too?

Saturday 9 January 2010

Winter Wonderland

Check out the amazing snowy photos of Ireland under a blanket of white!

This link came to me courtesy of my lovely horticultural hort'curious friend Ena Ronayne who does a great gardening blog.

I'll be travelling the snowy roads tomorrow to get to the Osprey Hotel in Naas, I have taken a stand to show my jewellery at the exciting event, The Dragon and the Apprentice. I'll try to post a report on it afterwards...