Sunday 22 February 2009

Designer Rosary Beads on my new Artfire Store

Over the weekend, encouraged by good feedback on my designer rosary beads, I set up and opened an Artfire store online to make some of them available for purchase.

I used the banner my wonderful son Stephen had made me for a planned Etsy shop, but I get the impression that Artfire is much more user-friendly for non-geeks like me.

They have a number of features I really like, among them there is space to write about what inspired the making of a particular product. They actually give scope to would-be authors like me who love to tell stories and love to write.

You can check out my rosary stories at

1 comment:

Unknown said...

How lovely, something which brings together three of my loves, crystal healing jewellery, aura soma, and mystic Catholicism!

keep it up xx