Thursday 9 July 2009

Yellow rosary beads - a ray of sunshine!

I wrote some time ago about a request for yellow rosary beads. I'm very happy with the results. My lovely online friend Francesca from Canada chose the 8mm yellow opal with brass and bronze, definitely the most dramatic-looking of the items I had made, and it will soon be winging its way to Italy to the lucky recipient.

Here are the other options I had made:

Lovely butterly yellow aragonite in 8mm beads with large silver Trinity Cross and Rose centre:

Translucent sunshine in A grade 6mm citrine with a graceful Art Deco silver cross and center set:

A similar 8mm yellow opal bead with silver and a lovely "Foot of the Cross" crucifix featuring John and Mary. The rose centre has the classic picture of St. Theresa of the Roses on the reverse. There is a matching cross which I have used in another sold rosary, in bronze, which I will post shortly.

A softly irridescent 7mm yellow-lipped mother of pearl rosary with the Hunt Museum Penal Cross:

I do love working to request, it seems to bring out my inspiration!

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