Wednesday 15 April 2009

The Power of the Blog, or: Blogging works for Designer Rosary Beads!

As I have been sharing here in recent weeks, my newest jewellery-making passion is making designer rosary beads.

What has delighted me just as much is what happens when I google "Designer Rosary Beads". My blog entries, and the rosaries on offer in my Artfire shop, are top of the ranking on page One of Google! It really does prove the power of blogging, the simplest and often the most effective kind of SEO.

My rosary beads are made with tons of love and the best of ingredients: beautiful semi-precious stones and sterling silver wire, chain, centres and crosses, or the same centres and crosses in bronze with Vintaj natural brass chain and wire.

It is restful, if time-consuming, to make them, they are a joy to create, and the people who buy them know they are getting a very special piece whether to keep, to give as a gift to a beloved relative, or as a special First Communion rosary. It makes the four hours or so per rosary feel worthwhile.

My latest request is for a rosary in yellow for a 95-yr old Granny.

So are there yellow stones, you wonder? Of course. I probably do not have 'honey jade', a modern name for yellow jasper, and to me a little suspect since so many dyed 'jades' come out of China. Yet in offering alternatives, I find I have a surprising choice of materials:
* expensive citrine, which chained on silver looks gorgeous though perhaps a little too much like glass, with a really crisp translucent clear yellow colour
* African yellow opal, which I have paired with brass and bronze, initially as a one-decade Penal rosary, and which I really like
* the softer yellow of aragonite, still awaiting my attention
* golden lip mother of pearl, soft in colour and yet with a lovely glow.

I will post some pictures of the results in a few days time, meanwhile I'm getting back to my silver-chained First Communion Rosary Beads: one in faceted mother of pearl, suitable for a little girl, one in small labradorite which would delight any heart. Not to forget, my gorgeous peach moonstone rosary with cherubic Angel centre, just waiting for the 20-angel crucifix to arrive!

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